Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I decided to some sculptures by covering sugar cubes with wood glue, and one using spar varnish instead of glue. Not the brightest idea I've ever had - these are taking me forever. I've been working on these four small sculptures for about two years & they aren't really done - probably never will be. The sugar cubes really absorb the other materials, so it takes layer upon layer upon layer & I still don't have the effect I was looking for. And I have to apply layers to each side separately because they have to dry flat, so with six sides every layer takes a week. So anyway here are some poor quality photos of these things in their current condition.

"Varnish Cube" - as of 2006
Varnish, sugar cubes; 2.5” h x 5” w x 3.5” d

"Sugar Cube White Die" - as of 2006
Sugar cubes, dice, wood glue; 4.5” cube

"Sugar Cube 2" - as of 2006
Sugar cubes, wood glue, tint; 2.5” cube

"Sugar Cube 1" - as of 2006
Sugar cubes, wood glue; 2.5” cube